About Us

North Shore Church an innovative, and welcoming church where people are free to be who they are and build life changing relationships with God. We are an authentic community with deep friendships to help us along life’s journey.

We gather every Sunday at 10:00AM at 51028 Base St., New Baltimore, MI 48047. Nursery & Children’s Ministries are available. Refreshments are served.

North Shore (North Shore Wesleyan Church) is part of The Wesleyan Church.

Who Are the Wesleyans?

In the most inclusive connotation, a Wesleyan is not a member of a particular denomination, but one who adheres to a distinctive teaching.

The core of the Wesleyan movement is the scriptural truth of personal holiness, a doctrine and experience referred to as “entire sanctification.” Wesleyans emphasize the importance and reality of a holy heart as a provision of salvation through the finished work of Christ. A work received by faith. It was through the revival efforts of John Wesley that the message of Christian perfection and practical biblical holiness was prominently preached. This holiness revival which began in England in the eighteenth century has continued to the present.